Basic Baby Bottle Care

By | December 31, 2022

You’re a pro with breast milk. You keep your baby nourished with what your body has to offer. Then, you go back to work and store your milk instead. That way, the nanny can always whip out a bottle when your little one gets hungry. Then, you notice that your child now gets sick more often. It’s still the same milk, so what are you doing wrong now? You need to take a look at what you’ve been doing. It’s the changes that put your child’s health at risk.

Could it be in the way you store the milk? If he hasn’t gotten sick before, this could be the most likely culprit. When choosing a baby bottle to store milk in, you have to consider how much the bottle can hold. Then, look at the bottle’s shelf life as well. You may have used the disposable ones too long. Consider where you can save the most money and what makes life easier for you. You make the decision only after you’ve weighed everything and put things in proper perspective.

When you buy a bottle, consider the anti-gas properties. Obviously, he will have to suck the milk out. He could swallow in the bubbles and experience gas pains after a while. Now, experts have developed designs to prevent this from happening. Look at your choices and see what they take to the most. It may be a case of trial and error, and you may have to spend a little more than usual. But his comfort is your priority here.

Then, look into how your baby drinks from the bottle. Traditionally, when you should sit close to what should be an upright position when breastfeeding him. You only have to slightly lean backward to give your baby better access to his food. The less lean, the better their chances of avoiding gas. Plus, you will most likely be comfortable in this position because you are able to hold your child tightly and see his face better.

When you leave the house and take a trip somewhere, your milk should always be stored in plastic containers. Glass containers may spoil milk faster. Try not to destroy the antibodies and other essential vitamins and nutrients found in your milk. Go out and see that you have more than enough choices in the store nearest you. Then, consider hygiene. Make sure that you properly wash and store the bottles after each use. If, on the other hand, you plan on freezing your milk, make sure that you write down the date when it was pumped out of your body.

When filling these containers up, don’t use the entire space. Liquids tend to expand when you freeze them. If you forget to put too much in every container, they will explode and leave a mess in your freezer. Seal them well and put the more recent ones at the back. That way, you use the ones that spoil earlier sooner. But before you put it in the fridge, cool the milk first. Don’t wait more than three months to serve it to your baby. Thaw the milk naturally and preserve all the essential vitamins.

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